Political solutions

Political solutions

Personal view?

We each seem to have our own ideas of how the country should work, so it is impossible to give definitive and unbiased information on this. But I'll try. 

Modern robber barons

Individuals and businesses utilise what is publicly available to make a living and a profit. It is the role of government to make sure it is all done fairly and for the long term good of society. They need to manage the pool of common wealth.

In medieval times the robber barons  grabbed as much as they could, and often grew strong enough to challenge the king.

Nowadays we have multinationals. They are sometimes larger than governments and manage to avoid paying tax. Worse than that, these large entrenched interests work hard to manipulate governments, bureaucrats, and public opinion to suit their business. Tobacco, weapons, pharmaceuticals, oil, and coal to name a few.

Some people have diagnosed businesses with the symptoms of a psychopath. They have the same rights an an individual, but don't feel the individual's need to be ethical. They are required by law to look after the shareholders interest and make a financial return.  The share holder of a limited liability company is not liable for any illegal or unethical behaviour of a company.

So a once sensible system, is now out of control and often working against our long term interests.

The battle for climate change action

One of the main problems for those trying to combat climate change is that entrenched interests have hijacked our governments.

Several mechanisms:

  • political donations
  • old boys networks
  • a political belief that business will find the best solution
  • lobbying
  • Fear of change
  • Corruption
  • PR campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Lobbyists working on committees
  • Political dogma being pushed like religion
  • Etc.

Change will only come through leaders who have a vision and the ability to follow it through.

Voters will vote for whatever the sloganeers persuade them to do. Either way.

The steps needed are:

  • A diminishing limit of the amount of CO2 allowed to be released
  • An increasing price on carbon with no exemptions
  • An honest education campaign on climate change
  • A less selfish attitude to the health of future generations
  • Feed-in-Tariffs above the price of PV power
  • Time of day metering to mirror the prices charged by the generators every 5 minutes
  • Removing subsidies from fossil fuels. End this age of entitlement.
  • Develop an environment to encourage entrepreneurs develop clean energy
  • Tighten up on media ownership so one denier press baron, cannot dictate to the whole country
  • make it illegal for deniers to make inaccurate public statements, just as it is illegal to promise a cure for cancer