Transport varies for the cost and the purpose.


 This is a table show the energy used to move freight

Truck 2.4
Rail 0.19 - 0.25
Barge inland water 0.37
Ship - Ocean 0.34
Air  6.9
Shipping Calculator’s shipping calculator utilizes three user generated inputs to determine a unit called a ‘ton-mile’ (e.g. a ton of freight traveling 1 mile, or a half ton of freight traveling two miles, or 1/1000th of a ton traveling 1,000 miles… you get the point):

Total number of shipments
Avg Weight of Shipment (lbs)
Avg Shipping Distance (mi)
Shipping Emissions Factors:

Air cargo – 1.527 kg CO2 per Ton-Mile
Truck - 0.297 kg CO2 per Ton-Mile
Train - 0.0252 kg CO2 per Ton-Mile
Sea freight - 0.048 kg CO2 per Ton-Mile
(Source: EPA Climate Leaders)