Hybrid electric aircraft

Hybrid electric aircraft

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Hybrid = Battery + petrol

Hybrid electric aircraft are similar to a hybrid electric car with an oil powered engine generating electricity to charge the battery to run the propeller

Like a car, the hybrid design allows use of a smaller engine. The battery and normal engine combine to provide power for takeoff.

Once in flight either one is turned off. The battery for a long flight, or the kerosine for a short flight.

Siemens DA36 E-Star

Siemens has developed a plane with a 94-horsepower Siemens electric motor to drive the propeller. The batteries provide power during takeoff and climb. Once the plane is cruising, a 40-horsepower Wankel rotary engine drives a generator that keeps electricity flowing to the motor.

 the DA36 E-Star was designed for maximum fuel efficiency. Siemens developed the composite two-seater with aerospace giant EADS and Diamond Aircraft of Austria.


Boeing plans for future aircraft - subsonic

An electric battery gas turbine hybrid propulsion system has  an electric motor to the shaft that drives the fan so that during take-off you run the gas turbine as usual, with the battery to get more power.

When the aircraft reaches cruising altitude it can switch from burning jet fuel to using the battery-powered electric motor. Sugar Volt is designed to carry 154 passengers. It has a maximum range of 3,500nm (6,480km) and a 61m (200ft) wing span, although the wings are designed to fold so the aircraft can fit into the same airport gates served by today's narrowbodies. 

An electric battery gas turbine hybrid propulsion system can reduce fuel burn by greater than 70 percent and total energy use by 55 percent. Moreover, the fuel burn reduction and the ‘greening’ of the electrical power grid can produce large reductions in emissions of life cycle CO2 and nitrous oxide. Hybrid electric propulsion also has the potential to shorten takeoff distance and reduce noise.

However, in order for the hybrid electric concept to be competitive, battery technology “needs to improve many, many times.



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